Management and entrepreneurship


  • Identification of a development strategy in relation with stakeholders
  • Budget and data monitoring
  • Intercultural management
  • Development of individual and collective potentials

What I keep in mind

Exposed to various situations and environments, I have been able to implement, test, refine, accommodate, abandon … many local management strategies and techniques. Rather than draw up a boring catalog, I will describe, to my view, the three most demanding challenges faced.

Defeat resistances

Change and resistance seems to go hand in hand whenever organizations have defines roles and resp. badly.

Whether they concern communication or actions, generate aggression or passivity, they engender lassitude and discouragement. Without claiming any originality, I focused on:

  • persevere: and for that to distance myself, to remain focused on the mission, the strategic axes and the plan of actions … very neat and communicated abundantly, and most importantly to recall the roles and the responsibilities of each one;
  • build on the quality approach: focus on public satisfaction and continuous improvement and reinforce the message about mission in organizations that are too self-centered;
  • last but not least model desired attitudes and reframe individually with firmness if needed.

Align practices and representations

Given my sportive background in rowing, it is perhaps not surprising that I value consistency and cohesion. Here again, the fundamentals are essential: remember the mission very regularly, fight with force against the cognitive biases that reinforce the idea that one is alone (or the only service) to really contribute to the mission and ensure a cohesive leadership . The following actions have been taken to meet the challenge faced:

  • Progressive formalization of the various professional interviews with neat scripts that use a lexicon and a limited argument,
  • Abundant internal communication using a short argument and, at the cost of a great personal effort, valuing my successes and those of my teams,
  • Identification by a team of the procedures that it implemented very implicitly (and not necessarily in a systematic way) and their transcription in a collaborative scheme. This exercise is certainly one of the greatest satisfactions.

Evolve personally and maintain my motivation

The alternation of roles of individual contributor and manager requires a good dose of adaptation and humility. Some management roles have asked me to fight against strong personal tendencies:

  • short, factual, direct and frank communication,
  • jubilation in collaborative creativity,
  • taste for speed of execution,
  • search for performance and expertise,
  • curiosity for digital tools and novelty in general.

To evolve, I blackened many notebooks:

  • those of “Positive Thoughts”,
  • that of “Astonishments” to note without judging events or behaviors,
  • the one to track a desired personal evolution on the model advocated by Marshall Goldsmith in Triggers, Creating Behaviors That Lasts. Becoming The Person You Want To Be.

Other rituals to maintain a satisfactory degree of motivation: readings, sport sessions, discussions with trustworthy, caring and not complacent people.

Experiences details

Sept 2014 – May 2018Attachée for education and French, Head of the Courses and Certification Center, Institut français de Norvège-Oslo, French Embassy
2009-2014Founder and director of SARL Thélème international, Soissons, France,  Professional training center
2006-2007Head of the Courses Center, Alliance Française d’Alkmaar, The Netherlands
2002-2004Educational coordinator, European School Bergen NH, The Netherlands